月曜~土曜 10時~22時

日曜 10時~18時

定休日 無し





There are two ways to use this shop.

1,Borrow a table and play with a partner
2,Come alone and join the practice session

If borrow a table and play with a partner, It is 1200 yen per hour.
If come alone and join the practice session,Please come during the following hours. You can not play if you come outside this time zone. It is 2000 yen once

MON 10:00~13:00 

TUE 10:00~13:00 

WED 13:30~16:00 

THU 10:00~13:00 

FRI 10:00~13:00 

SAT 10:00~13:00 

SUN 10:00~13:00 

This store is play only. There are no products.
Staff can not speak English.But there is a translator.

Notice of the ticket vending machine installation

With an eye toward the future, we started using the ticket vending machine on 20 July. We ask the customers to pay the bill by using it from here on out. We apologize for any temporary inconvenience this might bring. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Facility Information

Please make sure you know the details in the case of your first time using the facility, including the ticket vending machine.

Facility Usage Fee

How to Use the Facility
How to participate in the HPC Friendship Circle

Facility Usage Fee

《Table-Tennis Table》
1,200 yen per hour/table
(600 yen per 30 min)
If you’d like to use multiple tables at the same time, you need to pay the bill equal to the number of tables.

Summer Cooling

100 yen per day/person
You need to pay the bill for this from May to September, even though the facility doesn’t have to use the air conditioner due to good conditions.


Shoe rental 200 yen
Paddle rental 200 yen
Automated machine 500 yen per hour
Regarding the shoes or the paddle, all customers without them need to rent them per person.

How to Use the Facility

To start off, you need to buy the ticket for the table, equal to the amount of time you want, from the vending machine. If you want a receipt, push the button at the end of the procedure.

Note1: In addition to the above, you need to pay 100 yen per day per person for the air condition from May to September.

Note2: You can rent shoes or paddles if needed. Please make sure that all players have these. They are placed as you can see in this picture. The shoes are outside the lobby. And ping-pong balls are free, up to 4 per table.

Next, you need to write your name on each ticket, and put them into the box. If you have multiple tickets, please staple them together making it possible to see your name. And also make sure this box is different from that for the participants in HPC Friendship Circle.

After that, you need to fill in the required items on the form. You are required to write the same name as you did on the ticket. And please make sure that you check the white board describing reservation information from earlier.

Now, you just go to the arena. Please share with others. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please feel free to call us if you want to know more.

How to participate in the HPC Friendship Circle

To start off, you need to buy the ticket for the HPC Friendship Circle from the vending machine. You can see the green button at the top left.
Next, you need to write your name on the ticket and circle your planned schedule, which is Monday to Friday and morning, afternoon or night.
Then, hand the ticket to the coach directly. Presentation of your membership card is voluntary. If you can’t find the coach, please hand it over during the lesson.

Now, you just go to the arena.

*Participants who take part in the Circle are required to fill out the registration form placed in the box next to the vending machine. Please fill in the required items on the form and hand it to the coach.
*The ping-pong balls in the green box are used in the lesson for the Circle. One person is required to take them to the arena and back. Thank you for your cooperation.

All Game Training Session on Fridaysv

*You can do it at your own pace.
*You can participate in it by yourself.
Place HPC West NAMBA Table Tennis Center
Arena on the 2nd floor
Time Every Friday 7:00pm- 7:30pm practice session
7:30pm-10:00pm game session
Fee 1,500 yen/person
Event Singles *You can choose a 3 or 5 game match with each opponent.
*We have no referees during the matches. Please control the game by yourselves.
*You can start and end your participation anytime you want.
*There might be the case to control the session by our staff depending on the situation.
*In the case of higher participation than expected, there might be a team competition or tournament.